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Remembering Sr. Dorothy Ann Kelly, O.S.U.

Sr. D.A. Kelly w BorderWomen’s History Month seems a very fitting time to reflect and pay tribute to Sr. Dorothy Ann Kelly, OSU, our teacher, friend, mentor, advocate, leader, and role model.  Since March 27, 2024, will mark the 15th anniversary of her death, the editorial committee has decided to dedicate each issue of the next year to the commemoration of her life and achievements.  

Whether you knew her personally or admired her from afar, Sr. Dorothy Ann left an indelible mark on every graduate of the College of New Rochelle by virtue of the legacy she created as student, Ursuline sister, history professor, dean, president and chancellor.  Her reputation became our reputation, and her history is forever entwined with ours.  She worked for peace and justice in the City of New Rochelle, in New York State, throughout the country and around the globe.  As an innovative servant leader and true daughter of St. Angela Merici her influence spanned six decades of dramatic change in higher education, the Catholic Church, women’s rights and world history.  Click here to continue reading the reflection on Sr. Dorothy Ann Kelly, O.S.U.
  • Eileen Niedzwiecki SAS ‘72  
    CNR Alumni Communications Committee

Spotlight Interview – Rev. Dr. Victor Aloyo, SNR '85


Rev Dr. V. Aloyo Border

On November 12, 2022, the Rev. Dr. Victor Aloyo was inaugurated as the 11th President of Columbia Theological Seminary, becoming the first president of color in the seminary’s 194-year history. Founded in 1828 Columbia Theological Seminary has been at its present location in Decatur, GA since 1925 and is a seminary of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
Married to his wife Suzette for 36 years and the proud father of two daughters, Victor Aloyo has continuously bridged the gap between ministry and academia. 

Although describing himself as a “cradle Presbyterian” Rev. Dr. Aloyo has a universal, one might say small “c” catholic approach to religious ministry, that combines historical academic perspective within a framework of service and social justice.

Click here to continue reading Rev. Dr. Aloyo’s spotlight.
  • Annalinda Ragazzo SAS ‘74
    CNR Alumni Communications Committee


Alumni of Distinction

Four CNR alumni, along with six graduates of Mercy College, received Alumni Awards of Distinction at a Feb. 10 ceremony on Mercy’s Dobbs Ferry campus. All 10 were recognized for their service to the community and each speaker talked about the importance of being involved.

“Probably the most important light that colleges and universities produce is the reflective light of their accomplished alumni,” said Tim Hall, president of Mercy College, in his welcoming remarks.   “I am delighted to honor these 10 remarkable alumni from Mercy and The College of New Rochelle who exemplify what it means to be a leader and an engaged citizen.” 

Tara Alfano, CNR director of development at Mercy, who was a co-host of the program, said, “‘Serviam’ and ‘Inserviendo Consumere:’ ‘I Will Serve’ and ‘To Be Consumed In Service.’ Two mottos that are so intertwined and so interconnected. Tonight’s 10 award recipients are all true representations of those mottos of what The College of New Rochelle stood for and for what Mercy College stands for.”

The Alumni of Distinction Award ceremony is an annual event at Mercy, with proceeds supporting scholarships for the children of Mercy graduates.  This was the first time CNR alumni had been included among the honorees, as part of Mercy’s commitment to preserve the CNR Legacy. Attendees and other contributors could designate their gifts for the CNR Legacy Scholarship, which is awarded to students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Mercy College, who are the first in their families to attend college.

Click here for the CNR Alumni of Distinction Awardee bios.

Click here to read about the Mercy Alumni Awardee bios.

A video of the Alumni of Distinction event can be found on Mercy’s YouTube

  • Pat Keegan Abels SAS ‘73
    CNR Alumni Communications Committee


CNR Connections

Welcome to the second edition of CNR Connections, where alums write of finding or rekindling links to our alma mater, often in the least likely places, and sometimes decades after they graduated. We hope you enjoy reading these Connections, which include stories of a CNR T-shirt prompting a conversation between strangers to alums finding themselves living under the same roof six decades after spending four years in a dormitory on the New Rochelle campus. We invite all e-newsletter readers to click here to open CNR Connections. We very much hope you will be inspired to submit your Connections experience for our next newsletter issue this summer. For alums fortunate to have had a personal Connection with Sister Dorothy Ann Kelly, the inspiration for this newsletter feature, please submit your story for the commemorative newsletter issue planned for March 2024.

  • Pat Keegan Abels SAS ‘73
    CNR Alumni Communications Committee


CNR Legacy Council Update

The Legacy Council met last on Tuesday, January 24th.

Patricia Keegan Abels SAS ’73 began the meeting with a prayer to St. Angela Merici in honor of the saint’s feast day on January 27th.

The group welcomed our guest, Dr. Eva Fernandez, Provost, and Vice President for Academic Affairs, who joined Mercy in July 2022, after spending 22 years at the City University of New York (CUNY) where she served in various capacities.  After elaborating a bit more on her background and interests, Dr. Fernandez expressed her desire to work with CNR alumni to create mentoring and career opportunities for students. Click here to read the full CNR Legacy Council report.

  • Rosa Napoleone, SAS '75
    CNR Alumni Communications Committee

   SAVE THE DATE - Alumni Reunion 2023

June 9-10

All Classes Ending in 3s and 8s

Click the image below for more information and to register.

Want to help spread the word among your classmates? Email Noel Melliza at

CNR Reunion 2023 Save the Date 

Did You Know?

CNR Alumni can take advantage of discounts on car rentals such as Alamo, Avis, and Enterprise, on Liberty Mutual insurance, on Applebee’s restaurants, and on other retailers and services that are available to graduates of all schools.

For more details on the various discounts click on the following link:      
CNR Alumni Benefits

Tech Corner
An Ol’ Wives’ Tale” bunked/A Related Concern in Debate Currently

Have you ever been told, or have been the one saying, that you shouldn’t sit so close to the TV, or you’ll hurt your eyes? Unless you’re still watching television sets made in the 1950s or 60s, this wives’ tale has since been debunked. Click here to read the full Tech Corner Article.

Jumpstart your potential with CERTIFi

certifiCERTIFi by Mercy College is committed to supporting our alumni and increasing their income potential in their postgraduate careers - whether you want to excel in your current role, change fields, or learn an additional skill to make yourself more marketable, CERTIFi understands the need to continue learning, even after graduation. Click here for more information. 



Speaker: Indra Nooyi, Former Chair & CEO, PepsiCo



Mav Market

As we come together this year during Easter celebrations, we would like to call your attention to the Mav Market, a food and resource pantry established at Mercy College to address the problem of food insecurity and help reduce the struggle of having to balance classes and being able to feed yourself and your family. 

At Mercy’s Mav Market, all students, faculty, and staff have confidential access to non-perishable groceries and personal care items.
This year we ask when filling your Easter Baskets, consider filling a “Serviam Basket” 
by making a gift to the Mav Market

mav market grocery 2023


 From the faith and worship website,, 
adapted by John Birch (not affiliated with the John Birch Society)

For the cycle of life
which brings death and rebirth
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For lengthening days
and sunlight's warmth upon the soil
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For a snowdrop's beauty
reflecting its Creator's artistry
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

For new born lambs
their joy and exuberance
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring

for all of creation
and the majesty of its Creator
A. We rejoice in the promise of Spring


Alumni Community Service Day

Saturday, April 22nd from 10 am to 1 pm.
East Rumbrook Park
600 Dobbs Ferry Rd. 
White Plains, NY 10607

Open to all alumni from CNR, Mercy, and Westchester Community College.

Feel free to bring a friend to volunteer with you! Register Here.

Volunteer day 2023

Update Info

Mercy College is Hiring

Mercy College is always looking for talented, driven individuals to join as faculty
or support staff.  
Click here for all open faculty and staff positions.

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