Thank you for your inquiry regarding your diploma from the College of New Rochelle.


Please be advised when the College of New Rochelle closed in 2019, Mercy College became the custodian of records which only allows us to provide official copies of the College of New Rochelle transcripts. We are not able to provide College of New Rochelle diplomas as we are not authorized by the New York State Board of Regents to confer those degrees. Diploma's cannot be reproduced.


Mercy College can provide you with a transcript, which would list your degree conferral if it was recorded by the College of New Rochelle prior to the closure. If you would like to request a transcript, please click here to complete and submit the form.



In 2019, we received a contact that we were informed may have College of New Rochelle diplomas for some students who graduated between 2014 - 2019:


We are unable to confirm if this contact is valid or if he will be able to assist you, but we suggest you reach out via email to inquire about your College of New Rochelle diploma.



Mercy is committed to preserving the history and legacy of the College of New Rochelle and we invite you to explore the new ways to nurture connections to each other and honor the memory of The College of New Rochelle. You can email for more details.